About this blog

R and Python are the industry heavyweights. I want to explore the depths of Data Science using them both. We will be tackling topics such as: Data Preprocessing/Cleaning, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (and whatever else comes next), Cloud Computing for Data Science and Statistical Techniques. It will not stop there. There are countless topics and sub topics to cover. As I go along, I aim to uncover the insights of the data I find.

My name is Asel Mendis and I’m currently a student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT University) in Melbourne, Australia. I’m pursuing my Master of Analytics with a specialization in Applied Statistics. While my course is heavily reliant on R, I noticed that Python was gaining traction in the field so I decided to explore further. While I am a Python novice compared to my skills in R, I want to push myself to learn the ins and outs of the Data Science field.

Asel Mendis